TITAN1STUDIOS appoints Perry Voulgaris as Director of Content Partnerships

Toronto, Canada - TITAN1STUDIOS is pleased to announce the hiring of Perry Voulgaris to the role of Director of Content Partnerships in TITAN’s Interactive and New Media Business Unit.

With over 20 years of senior media experience in digital and interactive focused roles with companies such as CBC, Bell Media, TSN and Marble Media, Perry brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TITAN1STUDIOS team. 

“I am excited to start this new opportunity and look forward to working with the dynamic executive team, that as a startup studio, has already developed an extensive suite of content offerings,” said Voulgaris.

The seasoned media executive joins a team that already includes EMMY award winning producer Raj Dias (Zink Studios), Creative Director Taran Chadha (TAXI, OGILVY), Director of Marketing Aubrey Lovery (Canadian Tire, IMG) and backed by an investor group that includes Navaid Mansuri; who has held Senior Executive roles at Rogers Media, notably as Interim President of Rogers Television,  VP of Finance & Programming at Sportsnet, and Executive-in-Charge of the Rogers led $100M Joint Venture Partnership with Vice Media.

Perry will support a suite of in-house intellectual property including the recently launched multi-platform SCI-FI Adventure series Knight Guardians of Relativity and seek partnership opportunities for TITAN’s growing list of literary and graphic novel adapted live action and CG animation based titles.

“We are excited to have Perry join our Senior Executive team and help execute on our vision to deliver cutting edge new media entertainment and brand-focused content solutions”, said Rathan Moorthy, Executive Producer & Publisher of TITAN1STUDIOS,

“Perry’s experience within media and entertainment, his energy, enthusiasm about VR, community involvement, and his proven track record for creating new business partnerships that increase audience reach and deliver new revenue channels were determining factors in what was a competitive hiring process.”


TITAN1STUDIOS is an award-winning Toronto, Canada-based publishing, branded content and new media production house with portfolio projects across digital, print, TV, radio and emerging new media.  In September, the studio launched the Relativity Universe, a multi-media story platform across comics, novels, gaming and live experiences.

The mastermind behind the satirical Trump 2022 White House Parody video and comic, the studio will launch an additional three Relativity Universe titles during the first quarter of 2017 including: New Humanz, Pioneers of Relativity, and Waste of Space, as well as a standalone post ‘multi-pocolyptic’ animated tween series called Zomben scribed by former Secret Location/E-One writer Mike Heneghan.

About Knight Guardians of Relativity

Imagine a world where humanity has used temporal travel as a doomsday device. Set 200 years from now, the world and its population have been brought to the brink of extinction by a series of cataclysmic wars — forcing civilization to fight over religion, land, natural resources and power. Much of the world is rendered uninhabitable and inhospitable because of radiation and poisonous pollution.

The cultures and communities established over centuries have been destroyed and displaced. Emerging from this chaos, the Knight Guardians, a band of men and women responsible for safeguarding mankind, work to prevent the remaining despots, villains and world leaders from obtaining the power of temporal travel. For 60 years they are successful, bringing relative peace to a still crumbling world — until…

For more information about TITAN1STUDIOS and its properties, please visit: titan1studios.com

To preview Knight Guardians of Relativity and the Relativity Universe visist: knightguardians.com