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By Chris Hernandez

What happens after the apocalypse? Would it be possible for work, family life or even school to go on? We find out in Titan1Studios’ new book Zomben that the answer is yes, even if you are a zombie. Zomben is the story of a boy, Ben, who survived the apocalypse but not without being bitten by a Zombie. His family tries to protect this secret while keeping him in school and live a somewhat normal life.

This is a fun original take on the Zombie apocalypse (or in this case Zombie/Tentacle/Robot?!) that gives us a different kind of terror. While other Zombie stories revolve around the terror of struggling to remain human, Zomben gives us a look at the terror of struggling with being different.

At its core, Zomben is a classic story of acceptance of someone new and different into your life.

Zomben #1 Cover WEB.jpg

Readers will identify with either being or welcoming the new kid to school. You can either make their life hell or celebrate their differences and the variety that it can add to your life. Heneghan gives us a story about the latter. Heneghan lightens the horror heavy tone that most Zombie books have with a sweet childlike innocence. He has done a great job at delivering the narrative in a kid’s matter of fact tone. He also successfully hints at a tension that lies just underneath everyone’s skin.

A glance at this book may lead the reader to think it’s just another kids comic book but the trauma of living through the apocalypse permeates all the characters. The reader will find that the terror is just waiting to break out, from the parent’s carefully chosen words to the kids emotional scarring covered up with video games and school work. This first issue has just enough tidbits of unique backstory and things to come that the reader is left looking forward to the next issue.

Cicero’s artwork is a bright and refreshing change of pace. It’s a different style than what is in most books out right now. He excels at capturing the expressions of all the characters in over exaggerated yet likeable way. He has also been able to communicate the tension that permeates the book. Every single character seems to be almost ready to break and it shows in their faces. The character’s skin seems stretched taut against their face and yet the children still seem to retain some semblance of innocence. There is a very smooth flow in panel layout and also of the positioning of the characters in the panels. He largely sticks to the golden ratio in each panel’s layout pleasing the reader’s eyes.  Martinez’ colors are bright and saturated and give a cheerful energetic mood to the overall book which again are a stark contrast to the tension that flows throughout the book.  The ink-work is great and adds a lot of texture to everything without overwhelming the art or colors.

Overall Zomben is a joy to read. The artwork captures the youthfulness of the characters while Heneghan’s writing nicely contrasts tragic circumstances with the lightheartedness of being in grade school. Being new in a strange place is a horror story that everyone can relate to and it’s dealt with perfectly here. If you love Zombie stories but are tired of the same old brain eating storyline then you will definitely enjoy this book.

Written by Mike Heneghan
Art by Abel Cicero, Manoli Martinez
Published by Titan1Studios

RATING: 9/10

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TITAN1STUDIOS Announces New Hires to Scripted Entertainment & Animation Teams

Former Creative Head of Kids’ CBC, Kim Wilson and Former Guru Studio, DHX Media and Cookie Jar Executive, Christina Rotsaert join the executive team at the content studio.

Kim Wilson.jpg

Toronto, Canada – Today, TITAN1STUDIOS is pleased to announce the hiring of former Kids’ CBC Creative Head, Kim Wilson to the role of Head of Scripted Entertainment and former Guru Studio, DHX Media and Cookie Jar Entertainment Executive Christina Rotsaert to the role of Executive Producer.

The pair of hires are geared toward supporting the transition of the studio’s acclaimed slate of Kids, Teen and Mature focused graphic novel content to both live action and animation.


As the former long-term Creative Head of Children’s and Youth content at CBC, Kim (pictured above) is an industry leader in Children’s television. During her tenure at Canada’s public broadcaster, she oversaw all programming decisions for Kids’ CBC, including its linear morning block and digital platforms. Her recent commissions included preschool-targeted series Chirp (Sinking Ship Entertainment), The Moblees (Shaftesbury) and the award-winning series The Adventures of Napkin Man (Breakthrough Entertainment/Little Tugboat/Little Airplane) featuring Murdoch Mysteries star Yannick Bisson.

“I love TITAN1STUDIOS focus on producing compelling stories combined with a unique visual style that totally engages kids.  I am thrilled to be a part of their creative team and help transition this amazing content across all media,” said Wilson.

Kim has an unwavering drive to develop high-quality original content to entertain and educate kids from preschool to tweens and beyond. She is a leader in developing cross-platform content that will complement TITAN1STUDIOS existing work in publishing, interactive and grassroots activations to create engaging experiences for children.

In addition to garnering multiple awards, Kim is one of the inaugural inductees into the Radio and Television Hall of Fame at her alma mater Ryerson University, where she has taught Children’s Television Production and most currently has launched the Children’s Media Lab. 


Over a career in animation spanning 25 years, Christina has held a variety of senior roles at leading Canadian animation studios including Guru Studio, DHX Media and Cookie Jar Entertainment. She has participated in the production of over 200 episodes of animated television including, Paw Patrol, Arthur, Caillou, Busytown Mysteries, Backyardigans, Babar, Franklin, Magic School Bus, and, as a producer for 33 episodes of the highly popular Johnny Test series for Cartoon Network/Teletoon.

“I am excited to be joining TITAN1STUDIOS in this new role and look forward to lending my knowledge and expertise to assist the studio’s expansion into animation,” said Rotsaert.

Christina brings with her a wealth of experience from animation production including management of the entire 2D and 3D pipeline. She will support TITAN1STUDIOS’ existing development work on the all-ages smash hit comic book series ZOMBEN.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Kim and Christina join our senior team and help execute on our mission to deliver cutting-edge new media entertainment and brand-focused content solutions,” said Rathan Moorthy, Executive Producer & Publisher of TITAN1STUDIOS. “Their respective experience within programming and animation production, their energy, passion, and enthusiasm for kids entertainment will provide our team with expert leadership as we enter the competitive kids' video market,“ he added.

Wilson and Rotsaert join a team that already includes EMMY Award-winning Producer Raj Dias (Zink Studios), former CBC Digital and Marble Media Interactive Executive Perry Voulgaris, former Senior Rogers Media VP and Sportsnet Executive Navaid Mansuri, and a deep roster of creative talent from around the world.


TITAN1STUDIOS is a content incubator providing agency-level services for brands and rights holders seeking monetization of content through graphic publishing, interactive gaming, immersive mobile, and location-based entertainment. The studio holds IP for multiple acclaimed properties including Knight Guardians of Relativity, New Humanz, Weathered Spirit and the all-ages hit zombie adventure ZOMBEN.

For more information about TITAN1STUDIOS and its properties, please visit:




Emmy Award winning ZINK Studios & TITAN1STUDIOS are casting three female roles for the Weathered Spirit Escape Experience.  Successful Actresses will participate in both a live action shoot and voice over recording session.  Both Union and Non-Union participants are welcome to audition.

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